New laboratories of our CI Team where we perform:


• Pd-catalyzed coupling reactions (Sonogashira, Buchwald, Heck, Suzuki, Grubbs metathesis)
• Large-scale (100-150 g per run) (organometallic reactions, lithiation of aromatics and heteroaromatics , Cu, Mg, Zn, SM chemistry)
• Modern protective group strategies
• High-pressure and high-temperature reactions
• Microwave-assisted organic synthesis (Set of Biotageand CEM automated reactors)
• Solid phase supported library synthesis (Teabag technology)
• Liquid phase parallel synthesis (Solid phase catalysts, Scavenger resins, SPE purification)

These competences are invaluable in our R&D to prevent environmentally harming dyeing and other conservation measures.

Fig.1:  atomic absorbtion spectro photometer in the Moscow laboratory