Our goal is to provide for the means and methods to manufacture bioengineered pelts and wool that will be a source for the textile industry and pelt/wool industry. Ultimately, we aim to end the horrendous practices of fashion conglomerates with their overproduction of clothes and exploitation of employees, materials and suppliers, as well as animals and resources that comprise the outdated value chain.

The goal is to create a system and method to derive bioengineered products that circumvent the need for conventional pelt/wool farming. FUROID ™️ seeks to provide a bioengineered pelt and wool without tanning and with a unique pre-coded genetic signature combination that distinguishes it from other pelt/wool-sources, including pelt/wool farming or poached pelts.

At FUROID ™️ we’re working on the replication of wool fibers (Vikunja, Cashmere and Merino) by utilizing our work on the production of human and animal hair fibers. The bioengineered properties are already produced and ready for scale-up with the use of bioreactor technology.
We view our innovations as far too grand in scope for one fashion group, and have a distinct preference for the mass market. FUROID ™️ is one of the founding partners of the life friendly materials auction house Thebio.Tech where every cell-based, cruelty free biofabrication company supplies their materials. This strategy will enable smaller fashion houses and other buyers to have access to these technologically sophisticated but life-friendly materials and to implement them into their production process.


The cell-based pelt production inevitably will be the sole source for cell-based fur/wool materials. Pressures from industry, as well as governmental regulatory frameworks, will render farming and trapping illegal and cost-inefficient, ultimately leading to a total halt in those obsolete methods.

For both ethical and environmental reasons, killing animals for their fur, wool, and hides, exposing them to cruel procedures and subsequently tanning them is increasingly realized as an unacceptable waste of life and resources.  

Our FUROID ™️ technology makes obsolete the process of tanning and coloration, because these properties can be edited at the cellular level and by using extracellular matrixes. We are creating a world in which our products will replace the current cruel form of fur and hide production.

For endangered species we are building a stem cell database from reprogrammed Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (abbreviated IPSC). We have initiated the program by successfully starting with mink IPSC, considering that every year between 40 and 85 million minks are slaughtered. By cryogenically preserving various species cells, we contribute substantially to animal welfare and conservatory science.
Innovation is inevitable, and cruelty is not acceptable. Both conditions will be satisfied by a future that features biofabrication in order to help bring and end to animal abuse.

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