FIG. 1 illustrates a  bioengineered eyelash in accordance with an exemplary embodiment.

a upper layer, 

b intermediate layer, 

c lower layer, 

d hair and or eyelash fillament, 

e extracellular matrix,

f vertebrata a fibroblast-like cell, 

g interfollicular epidermis cells , 

h hair follicle cells derived of hair follicle stem cells 

FUROID™️ patented the following application:
„The present invention relates to a bioengineering process to derive human and animal eyelashes from the in vitro disposition and differentiation of interfollicular epidermis cells, hair follicle cells, fibroblast-like cells and extracellular matrix into a bioengineered hair tissue. The present invention also relates to the process of cell specific enrichment, genetic engineering, differentiation and disposition of said cells in the manufactured tissue. The present invention further relates to pre-coding and use of a combination of genetic signature combinations as an anti-counterfeit mechanism and as proof of authenticity, timestamp and provenance.“
According to PeTA : „Cruelty-free options include either polybutylene terephtalate synthetic fibers or repurposed human eyelashes....“ Since all these solutions are disputable either from an standpoint of ethics, their negative environmental impact or their limited scalability, our solutions are not affected by those disadvantages.
We are able to control and edit all desired properties in similarity to our FUROID™️ products. 
Wheras we could engineer the thickness or coloration pigment of every product ( animal and human) accordingly to the market trends in beauty and cosmetics applications. 
We will utilize our year long expirence in tissue engineering and pharmaceutical chemistry to add animal free growth factors in order to achieve the desired and individual properties.
As a signature feature we will add our inseparable anti counterfeit properties ( as shown below) in order to determine the provenance and  to identity our products and tagg them as cruelty free, environmental friendly and available in indefinite amounts.


FIG. 2 illustrates a anti-counterfeit genetic signature combination intrinsically integrated in the bioengineered hair, and derived product, and product batch, and product types, and timestamp. The genetic signature is inseparably connected to the bioengineered hair and its derived products.

a bioengineered hair

b product derived from bioengineered hair by manufacturing

c data extracted and decoded from barcodes

d combination of combinations of barcodes storing encoded information of the tissue and its upstream and downstream production chain