Based on our latest consortium participation in a project aiming to develop technologEis for the production of 100% compostable, virucidal biopolyesters, we will apply this knowledge to produce nanofibers which are suitable for 100% compostable FAUX FUR, VELOUR and YARNS in various apparel applications. The materials are produced with certain functional properties such as added synthetic DNA for the prevention of counterfeiting and encapsulated active compounds.

The new nanofiber materials received the following ISO/EN CERTIFICATIONS: 

ISO EN 13432/ISO EN 14855-1/ISO EN 14995/ISO EN 17556/ ISO EN 19679/ISO EN 20200/ECOTOXICITY OECD 208.

We have the following product groups in R&D:
  1. 100% compostable faux fur accordingly to all relevant ISO/EN norms
  2. 100% compostable  velour accordingly to all relevant ISO/EN norms
  3. 100% compostable yarn accordingly to all relevant ISO/EN norms
  4. edible nanofiber scaffolds in order to produce cell based meats (JV-formation) to be announced December 2020
Sample picture of compostable electrospun biocellulose, Olson et al. 2010