FIG. 1 FUROID™️ hairfollicle staining, achieved thru a bio-printing approach on a biodegradable supportive grid using the IP protocol of vertebrata hairfollicle engineering.


Patented technology pioneered by FUROID™️ provides cruelty-free, cell-based tissue/hair replication in order to replace fur and wool farming. This is done to supply cell-based fabrics to all relevant industries, with the added benefit of built-in, DNA-based, anti-counterfeit properties. Also, we’ve developed gene-edited pigmentations for fur, wool and cotton.

FUROID™️ finalized the prototype production based on the IP’  “Methods for deriving animal pelts with inseparable anti-counterfeit properties in vitro”. and  “Methods for deriving autologous and hypoimmunogenic hairfollicle containing sheets in vitro”. Our patented application uses technology originally intended to grow human hair follicles in a petri dish, and to grow animal pelts and hides in a petri dish. 

Ultimately, our groundbreaking invention leads to cruelty free bioengineering of animal pelts and wool. An added feature and benefit are the anti-counterfeiting measures in the form of molecular signatures. This guarantees authenticity, provenance, time-stamping, and security.


FUROID™️ has invented a process of cell-specific enrichment, genetic engineering, differentiation and disposition of specific cells in engineered tissues. This bioengineered tissue will be inseparably attached to nucleic acid molecular signature combinations that allow to determine authenticity and assist the manufacturing process. 

The FUROID™️ tissue is engineered within the combination of two proprietary applications:

A) isolated Mesemchymal Stemcells with reprogrammed Induced Pluripotent Stemcells (immortalized).

B) the combination of the described technology with bio printing ( specific IP in development) and our, proven effective,  hairfollicle cultivation methodology.

Conclusively our  inventions relate to the - CRUELTY FREE- bioengineering of animal pelts / wool and anti-counterfeit of prime bioengineered pelts  / wool with inseparable molecular signatures for authenticity, timestamping and provenance.

The combination of molecular signatures constitutes proof of authenticity and a mechanism of anti-counterfeit as it is designed by and known to the manufacturer. It can be assigned to production batches of bioengineered tissues. Also, a fourth labeling and security feature will use blockchain technology to provide security to clients and end users to guarantee that FUROID™️ materials are 100% cruelty free obtained in vitro fur and wool.

FIG. 2 illustrates a anti-counterfeit genetic signature combination intrinsically integrated in the bioengineered pelt, and derived product, and product batch, and product types, and timestamp. The genetic signature or synthetic DNA is inseparably connected to the bioengineered pelt and its derived products. FUROID™️

FIG.3:illustrates a proposed bioengineered pelt/wool in accordance with an exemplary embodiment of the present invention. FUROID™️